For the IARU Coordination Request, I need to provide a mission sequence of
events / duration of events description. What I have here may be a little
more detailed than required, but I am thinking of something like the
following. Could someone chime in here to be sure I am not just making this
whole thing up. :)

Events  (Need to assign some kind of time or duration to these as well.
This should probably be in a spreadsheet for our design / use.)


<T0>  Handoff to NASA and coordinate with JSpOC
<T1>  NanoRacks ISS deployment

[Orbit Insertion]
<T2>  NORAD / JSpOC gives us Keplerian sets (group of objects to identify)
<T3 (T1 + 45 min)>  Power on
<T4>  Telemetry antenna deploy (other items deployed also to minimize
<T5>  Telemetry discovered
<T6>  Telemetry correlated with Object ID, and given to JSpOC

[Orbital Operations]
<T7>  Detumble
<T8>  System checkout
<T9>  Specific attitude established
<T10>  Science Mission 1 - Oregon image taken
<T11>  Science Mission 2 - DxWiFi tested with image download
<T12>  Science Mission 3 - Cloud  image taken and downloaded
<T13>  etc...

<Tn>  Just wait a while (< 25 years)

- Glenn

Glenn Noel LeBrasseur
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