Hi Glenn!

Please start a spreadsheet in the 2016 CSLI Application folder with
these events. We'll add times as we dig them up; they're all relatively
arbitrary, but we can find examples on the web of CubeSat project timelines.

Put up the spreadsheet, I'll fill in my best guesses, and then leave it
for you or others to research the rest.


On 11/16/2016 03:10 PM, Glenn LeBrasseur wrote:
> For the IARU Coordination Request, I need to provide a mission sequence
> of events / duration of events description. What I have here may be a
> little more detailed than required, but I am thinking of something like
> the following. Could someone chime in here to be sure I am not just
> making this whole thing up. :)
> Events  (Need to assign some kind of time or duration to these as well.
> This should probably be in a spreadsheet for our design / use.)
> [Launch]
> <T0>  Handoff to NASA and coordinate with JSpOC
> <T1>  NanoRacks ISS deployment
> [Orbit Insertion]
> <T2>  NORAD / JSpOC gives us Keplerian sets (group of objects to identify)
> <T3 (T1 + 45 min)>  Power on
> <T4>  Telemetry antenna deploy (other items deployed also to minimize
> complexity?)
> <T5>  Telemetry discovered
> <T6>  Telemetry correlated with Object ID, and given to JSpOC
> [Orbital Operations]
> <T7>  Detumble
> <T8>  System checkout
> <T9>  Specific attitude established
> <T10>  Science Mission 1 - Oregon image taken
> <T11>  Science Mission 2 - DxWiFi tested with image download
> <T12>  Science Mission 3 - Cloud  image taken and downloaded
> <T13>  etc...
> [Deorbit]
> <Tn>  Just wait a while (< 25 years)
> - Glenn
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