Hi Glenn!

>   * As appropriate each subsystem board would have it's own custom
>     "FlatSat Support Breakout" board (FSB) board.

Yes, I think this is a given. The ability to break out a board is
important. To that end, I'm toying with the idea of a standard debug
connector that attaches to the FSB. Probably a bad idea, actually, since
all the boards are different, but... we'll chat about it Friday.

>   * The FSB should allow the subsystem to be tested independently...


>   * The FSB should should allow us take the subsystem in a fully running
>     state into testing environments such as Thermal-Vacuum, Vibration,
>     RF, various bench tests, etc, without interfering with the test.

That's a very good point.

>   * The FSB should not introduce any side effects to the FlatSat when
>     connected into it.

Yes, and good luck to us with that :)

We'll discuss this in depth on Friday, and try to come up with our first
"FSB" requirements for the solar boards and the upcoming battery cards.


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