We had a, uh, "working" meeting today. A lot was done:

- Kenny, Adam and Haneef stuffed 7 more OreSat Solar PCBs. 4/8 stuffed
boards now work; mysterious shorts are in the other 4. We'll hunt them
down this week.

- We shipped off four PCBs to Alta Devices; they'll be putting on solar
modules this week. If they do it before Wednesday, then they'll be
showing off our boards at the 2017 CubeSat Workshops in San Luis Obispo, CA!

- K now has a working board and is bringing up the LTC2990.

-  Evan and Haneef organized all of our components, which are now
obsessively grouped by type (power ICs, digital ICs, diodes, etc) and
sometimes by package (resistors and capacitors).

- Phillip (ECE labs) lent us a bunch of old lab equipment, including
DMMs, power supplies, and another tek scope, so we now have an actual
electronics lab bench for OreSat!

- Paul showed off his first DevSat prototype. A few will hopefully show
up on Tuesday -- it's time to get coding!

I'll post these to the meeting notes, but I thought I'd email it out, too.


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