Hey Jeff,

I'm cc'ing the propulsion list.

I'm glad to talk with you on the 21st even if no meeting occurs.


We don't have any interesting hardware to show off at this time. One
of our members, who has since left the group, still makes motors, at
least up to 'N'. His are conventional AP based solids. Another of our
members, who has since left the group, ran the wax-hybrid propulsion
project. He has the test stand and casings etc. from that effort. We
got as far as demonstrating thrust, but so far have no reliable
regression rate measurements.

All we have at the moment are smatterings of knowledge and bright-eyed
ideas. In fact, these are not entirely useless things, so if you're
interested, let me/us know and we'll see what happens.


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Andrew Greenberg wrote:
 > Hi Jeff!
 > Our hybrid project has been on hold for a few years now, but there's
 > quite a bit of recent interest in reviving it, or at least reviving some
 > kind of throttlable (sp?) motor technology.
 > I've cc'd our propulsion list, and I'll let one of them (Dan? Tom? Tim?)
 > get back to you on arranging a visit. What I'd suggest is trying to come
 > to one of our Wednesday meetings... the problem is, I don't think we're
 > going to meet the Wednesday before Thanksgiving. Are you going to be
 > here the week before and/or the week after? Or, do the propulsion folks
 > want to get together Wednesday 11/21 despite it being pre-Thanksgiving?
 > Andrew
 > Jeff Perkins wrote:
 > > Dear PSAS:
 > > 
 > > I am a graduate student in materials science and engineering at Boise
 > > State (undergrad I was a metallurgist from Colorado School of Mines),
 > > and I have become increasingly interested in sounding rockets, and I
 > > found your program via a google search.
 > > 
 > > I will be in Portland on vacation the week of Thanksgiving and I was
 > > wondering if a member of PSAS would like to go over the current work and
 > > problems with the hybrid motor.  I have experience in explosives (I
 > > worked on explosive welding at School of Mines), and I am very curious
 > > about your motor technology.
 > > 
 > > Please let me know if I may check out any of the PSAS stuff.

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