So I was wondering what the status on the hybrid motor is.  I realize that
the current rocket will probably be using solid state motors, and thats
probably for the best as we don't have to re-invent the wheel.  However, I'd
love to get involved in designing a hybrid.

1)  What needs to be done?
2)  Who else thinks this would be a fun project?  Who can actually spare any
free time to think about it?
3)  What is the current status of the hybrid project?
4)  Is the wiki the place to check for all status related questions as far
as projects go, or is there information that is not publicly available
somewhere else?
5)  What was the resource Peter was talking about, a forum for hybrid
questions?  Was that a website, or IRC?  (I don't really have any idea how
IRC works, but I can figure it out if there are knowledgeable people to
pester about motors on it.)

Nathan D. Joy
Semper Fi
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