Keith pointed out at the last meeting that there is a guy he knows in
California working on a centrifugal fuel pump. The web site is

{Centrifugal pump}, a machine in which water or other fluid
        is lifted and discharged through a pipe by the energy
        imparted by a wheel or blades revolving in a fixed case.
        Some of the largest and most powerful pumps are of this
        [Webster's 1913 Dictionary]

 > ...
 > There have been some interesting developments lately with pistonless  
 > pumps - I think this bears some serious consideration. You basically  
 > carry a small, very high pressure tank of helium, and use two more  
 > small chambers that are alternately being filled from the tanks at  
 > tank pressure, compressed with helium, and emptied into the  
 > combustion chamber at much higher pressure, in a continuous fashion.  
 > Here's a good PDF about it: 
 > JPCpistonless2.pdf

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