In case you care,

Myself & Andrew will be at the McMenamins Market Street Pub at 6:30pm
tomorrow, Wednesday the 21st. The address is 1526 SW 10th (10th & Market) 
downtown Portland.

Both of us need to be downtown tomorrow in any case, so we'll be there
having a light dinner in any case, but if anyone cares to join us,
that'd be great. Particularly, Jeff, if you can make it, it'd be a
good time to talk about rocket related stuff. If not, no worries.

I'll wear the new PSAS tee shirt. (Bright blue with white lettering.)

See you, if you're there!

rq17zt wrote:
 > Hey Jeff,
 > I'm cc'ing the propulsion list.
 > I'm glad to talk with you on the 21st even if no meeting occurs.

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