Hey software people.

First off, I'm sorry that we've been hitting you all over the head with
all of our icky wiki problems. I really hope we get to ikiwiki soon, for
all of your sakes: let me know if there's anything the rest of the teams
can do. Like, for example, do the migration in a way that breaks things
and then have us go in and do a day or two of cleanup.

Maybe that would be a good post-finals project for everyone: we could
have a morning workshop on how to use git and ikiwiki, and then have
people clean up what's broken in the afternoon.

Second, I hope we can get the simulator up and running in the next few
months so that we can begin to answer the Big Questions that face our
group over the next few years. When rainier gave us his talk on getting
to orbit, he made some very general assumptions, and  we talked about it
all in terms of delta V. What I'd like to do is something a bit more
concrete: I'd like to simulate an orbital insertion of a 1 kg satellite
and see exactly what we need to do that. We've been talking about a
Black Brant XII sized rocket, and I bet that's still generally true, but
wouldn't it be cool as heck to finally have real numbers, like "we need
a S first stage, R second stage, a Q third stage" for our orbital
visions? And in particular, perhaps we can begin to put some numbers on
what kind of force we'll need to for our future actuators.

I'll bring this all up on Wednesday, but I wanted to let people ponder
all of this for a day or two.


Andrew Greenberg

Portland State Aerospace Society (http://psas.pdx.edu/)
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