On Tue, Jun 05, 2007 at 12:31:01AM -0700, Andrew Greenberg wrote:
> First off, I'm sorry that we've been hitting you all over the head with
> all of our icky wiki problems. I really hope we get to ikiwiki soon ...

Check it out: http://psas.pdx.edu/~jamey/psas-html/PsasHome



OK, I'll say more than that. There are some known issues that I think we
can hash out quickly in an automated way if Josh can coerce my brain
into working again.

Of course, sometimes there's an error in the source text. For example,
see the last section of NewUserProjects. If you see something wrong when
inspecting the converted output, check if it's currently wrong on the
live MoinMoin site before reporting it as a conversion bug.

First thing you'll notice is that attachment links are pointing to the
wrong place and so most images look broken. We wrote the current tools
before ikiwiki 2.0 and its "usedirs" feature came out, and just need to
adjust for that change. (We should also convert local <img> tags to wiki
links when they don't occur inside <a> links, solving the problem a more
graceful way.)

Pages with both an auto-generated table of contents and literal HTML
embedded in the markdown are hosed. I assume it's an ikiwiki bug.

Sarah's use of the MoinMoin Include macro I converted to ikiwiki's
inline macro, which has unintended formatting side-effects. This may be
OK. See CapstoneLV2bProjectReport for an example of the last two issues.

LaTeX content isn't handled correctly. Er, at all, really. I guess this
affects KalmanIntro, Example1D, StateSpace, and MathSymbols.

In some places we seem to be doing the wrong thing with MoinMoin markup
in tables, such as in the UncertaintyTeamHome page.

And yes, we all know the default page design is utterly boring. Grab the
Firefox/Iceweasel Web Developer extension and edit the CSS until you get
something you think we should use, then send it to us.

> Maybe that would be a good post-finals project for everyone: we could
> have a morning workshop on how to use git and ikiwiki, and then have
> people clean up what's broken in the afternoon.

Sounds great. I think we'll be ready.


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