Hi Rashmi,

It's true that a lot of us are out of town right now. Let me suggest a
few things:

1. Add yourself to the avionics list, since the avionics folks are
primarily dealing with the firmware.

2. You should know that our firmware plan right now is to embrace and
possibly extend FreeRTOS (http://www.freertos.org/). The extension would
be mostly APIs for the peripherals of the LPC2148 (http://www.nxp.com/).
We're preliminarily calling it the "armsling" project (as in: broken
arm, ha ha), and the peripherals we're targeting are the USB, serial,
PWM, serial and other peripherals built into the silicon of the LPC2148.
If you're going to do an open source project for Bart's class, this is
what I'd work on.

3. Joel and Bruce are primarily working on the FreeRTOS and hardware
API, but I'll be stepping in over the next month to do this as well.
most of us will be back for the Wednesday 7/11 meeting. If you have more
questions, go ahead and feel free to direct questions to the avionics
list and I'll try and answer them.

4. Finally, let me strongly suggest that you read the final report of
the capstone team that chose this microcontroller:


It's a great summary of everything that went into choosing this chip,
and how we plan to use it, and a bit of an intro into what we're doing.



> Hi
> This is Rashmi, I have taken Open Source software development class  
> this term and I want to be part of the meeting being held today at 7  
> pm. Just wanted to know the venue of the meeting.
> Can anyone please guide me to the information about Firmware projects  
> and in particular the LPC21xx series ARM7 chips.
> Thank You
> Rashmi

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