I'm currently re-running the complete moin2iki conversion, with a copy
of the PSAS wiki that's up-to-date as of Dave Camarillo's two edits this
past evening. With luck, the result of this run will be usable as the
final replacement for MoinMoin on the PSAS web site. We'll find out when
it finishes in a few hours.

On Sat, Jun 09, 2007 at 08:35:53PM -0700, Jamey Sharp wrote:
> First thing you'll notice is that attachment links are pointing to the
> wrong place and so most images look broken. We wrote the current tools
> before ikiwiki 2.0 and its "usedirs" feature came out, and just need to
> adjust for that change. (We should also convert local <img> tags to wiki
> links when they don't occur inside <a> links, solving the problem a more
> graceful way.)

This was two separate issues. Pages using MoinMoin markup generate links
to attachments in a function we provide named attachment_link, which
needed to generate absolute URLs so that html2wiki could correctly
generate intra-wiki links.

Compounding the problem, html2wiki didn't ever generate wiki links for
<img> tags, and defaulted to leaving the HTML alone if it had width or
height attributes. However, references to pages within the wiki should
always be translated to ikiwiki intra-wiki links.

> Pages with both an auto-generated table of contents and literal HTML
> embedded in the markdown are hosed. I assume it's an ikiwiki bug.

Actually it was a markdown bug. Upgrading to the version currently in
Debian experimental (1.0.2~b8-2) fixes this problem.

> Sarah's use of the MoinMoin Include macro I converted to ikiwiki's
> inline macro, which has unintended formatting side-effects. This may be
> OK. See CapstoneLV2bProjectReport for an example of the last two issues.

Adding the raw="yes" parameter to the inline macro invocations solves
this problem entirely. Yay!

> LaTeX content isn't handled correctly. Er, at all, really. I guess this
> affects KalmanIntro, Example1D, StateSpace, and MathSymbols.

We're going to wait for the LaTeX plugin to be finished during this
year's Google Summer of Code before fixing these pages. Until then, the
LaTeX source will appear more-or-less raw in the pages, not rendered.

> In some places we seem to be doing the wrong thing with MoinMoin markup
> in tables, such as in the UncertaintyTeamHome page.

Oh. That was a '#format twiki' page, but used some MoinMoin markup that
my Python TWiki parser allowed even though real TWiki doesn't. So we're
treating this as a case of broken source markup, and we can fix it
manually post-conversion.

On Tue, Jun 12, 2007 at 10:55:51PM -0700, Jamey Sharp wrote:
> Ew. The conversion is also missing all attachments made during the TWiki
> era, because I didn't do the TWiki->MoinMoin conversion quite correctly.
> That's going to be a little trickier to fix, and means we're currently
> missing all but one of the movies that are attached to the wiki today.

I reconstructed MoinMoin edit-log entries for these. A bit of a hack, as
TWiki actually tracked attachment history better than MoinMoin does and
this approach loses that extra information, but it'll do.


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