Almost there! Dig through it and reply if you see more things that are
broken. I can't inspect all 752 pages myself. Ignore issues with LaTeX
content though. And again, if something looks broken, check whether it's
also broken on the current MoinMoin wiki, or if it's in the following
list of issues I know about. I've put highest-priority issues first.

This list looks intimidating. They're mostly pretty minor issues though,
and we may choose to hand-correct them rather than fixing the conversion
tools, in order to finally make the switch to ikiwiki that we've been
trying to accomplish for some eight months now.

The converted markdown does not render as desired in ikiwiki versions
2.2 and later. After consulting with Josh, I've downgraded svcs to
ikiwiki 2.1 and filed a bugreport.

Pages inlined into the CapstoneLV2bProjectReport have incorrect links to
certain attachments, even though these links are correct if you view the
inlined page by itself. For example, the Board Layout section should
have some images, which are visible here:
but are not visible in CapstoneLV2bProjectReport.

A probably related but opposite problem is visible here:
Some links to images got converted into inlined copies of the images,
which really screws with the look of the page.

On this page, a link to an attached image contained an image reference
to a thumbnail of the same image. After conversion, the link is gone and
the full-size image is inlined instead.

TWiki-format pages that were renamed in MoinMoin got treated like
MoinMoin markup, not TWiki markup, because MoinMoin inserted an extra
line at the beginning recording the rename:

Blockquoted text got paragraph-breaks inserted around inline markup like
bold and links, for some reason. For example:

--- I'm inclined to hand-fix issues that are below this point.

The WiFi page contained only a MoinMoin redirect to ArrlHsdn, but the
conversion didn't translate the redirect (which is currently not
supported by ikiwiki anyway AFAIK). So after conversion there's an empty
WiFi page.

Pages with the idiom of a table containing "Up" and "Xref" links lost
the link text in those links--the target page name is the link text
instead. See this page, for example:

Links to wacky things like newsgroups didn't get carried through. I
suspect there's only one of those, and I don't think I care.

Some text containing TWiki markup characters such as '_' in the table at
the bottom of this page is interpreted as plain in the current MoinMoin
installation, and presumably this agrees with TWiki's behavior when the
page was written while we were still running TWiki. However, the modern
version of TWiki used in the conversion treated it differently:

This page is missing its image attachments because TWiki didn't
correctly commit them to RCS ,v files, so there was no basis for
generating MoinMoin or git history for them. MoinMoin displays them
correctly because I never worried about history for attachments I
migrated to MoinMoin.
These attachments from the TWiki days have the same problem:
I guess I'll just manually add these in a new commit.

I've got to stop looking for problems and go home now. Oops.


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