On Fri, Jul 20, 2007 at 04:27:25PM -0700, Andrew Greenberg wrote:
> 1. It appears that attachments are, in general, being brought over to
> ikiwiki. But, there's no way to get at them unless they're explicitly
> linked to in the page. For example, in 'EagleCad', there are a ton of
> attachments, but they're all unreachable because there's no links to
> them in the text. Would it be easy to write a little script, which just
> spits out urls to all the attachments in the page? Or perhaps when the
> cgi stuff is enabled, there'll be some kind of option for listing the
> attachments?

No such code currently exists, but either approach isn't too hard. If
you have a git clone of the wiki, you can look for all files that don't
have a '.mdwn' extension, then look at what directory they're in, which
indicates what page they were attached to.

I'd argue that our wiki is a tool for managing a normal web site, and
normal web sites do not have "attachments". All content ought to be
explicitly linked if it's to be found by casual browsers. We can do some
one-off shell scripting to make sure everything is linked though.

> 2. I looked carefully at the source from the 'Schedule' page. In
> moinmoin, the events headers are H2. In the ikiwiki source, they're H3.
> It seems weird that it didn't get moved over as the same header type....
> is this a bug?

Yes, but it's either a MoinMoin bug or a bug in my MoinMoin
implementation of TWiki markup. "---+" became "<h0>" there, which isn't
even valid HTML. See the FlightComputerSoftware page for a better
example of the problem.

In short, the converted result is better than the original. :-)


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