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> I have been looking at the projects suggested for new members, and I would 
> like to work on building an accurate model of a pressure sensor.  I have a 
> few questions about this project.  Where is the pressure sensor located on 
> the rocket?  It is measuring the pressure on the cone of the rocket, or some 
> other pressure.  What will the interface be like for the sensor?  Are there 
> any other details I should know before working on this model?

That would be great!  We have built several previous models,
with varying degrees of accuracy.  The pressure sensor is
inside the rocket (IIRC), and is intended to measure ambient
air pressure to determine altitude.  You should talk with
the avionics folks about the details of the sensor, and help
them characterize the sensor accurately at some point---data
sheets sometimes "make mistakes", sadly.

Tim Brandon would probably be a good starting point for this
work, but I know Jamey Sharp and Josh Triplett have also
looked at it recently.


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