On Tue, Nov 20, 2007 at 03:53:59AM -0800, Andrew Greenberg wrote:
> Hi Mark!
> It's great to have someone else taking a look at the data, so thanks!
> > There may not be any x/y data to be had other than to really understand
> > what we have and why its the way it is, and work on making sure next
> > time we get data thats more useful.
> Huh. We looked at the raw data streams, and thought they were valid. And
> we saw reasonable numbers of packets per second, so I wonder if this is
> a post-processing problem. Jamey/Larry, did you see this same thing in
> your processing?
> I'm going to be very surprised if the X/Y data is toast. Mark, you
> should show up at one of our meetings and we should go over the data
> with you. Again, this smells like a post-processing problem.

I suspect that this Wednesday will not be a meeting, or at least not one
with a critical mass of the folks we should have on hand.  I'm thinking
it would be good to have avionics, software, IMU, and mechanical folks
on hand.

I'll clean up my analyses and be ready to present what I've done and
discuss the interpretations for the 11/28 meeting.

If the data I'm using is correct (no post processing issues) then I
suspect that the noisy x/y data is a function of a somewhat loose IMU or
something rattling in the payload and mechanical coupling in the x/y
axes, or data lose of dropped samples.

> And by the way Jamey, that was NOT a cheap ADC. Me *and* Maxim
> Semiconductor are offended. It was... low cost. But not cheap!
> ;)
> > This data should be looked at as if it holds valuable secrets.  Within
> > in it are system issues that need to be addressed that will influence
> > you avionics, payload, and software designs.  Its full of gold.
> We totally agree :) ! And if we weren't totally focussed on rebuilding
> the rocket from scratch (sigh) we'd be spending a lot more time getting
> at the data. So thanks for helping with the processing of it!
> Andrew
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