Hi Mark,

Sorry, I wasn't totally paying attention. Let me review a few things:

> 4-byte big-endian "ID"
> 4-byte big-endian timestamp
> 8 bytes of data

This is only the case for *certain* CAN messages on the bus. Many of the
messages had no bytes of data, and some had one or two. All of the CAN
message IDs and data lengths are all specified in the firmware directory:


... except, uh, svn web is down. Jamey, can you fix this? Sorry.

And just to show I wasn't paying attention, I'll re-ask the question:
did we pack them into same size structures? We must have. But someone
correct me if we didn't.

> Help me interprit the following:
> 00001490   00 00 73 01  00 00 1E B4  34 00 04 A5  07 31 07 75

Oh god, don't make me do this again. But, if you really want to, when we
get access back to svn, I'll dig out the old firmware headers and
interpret a few of them for you.

Finally, sorry, but I still don't understand why you're not just using
the text logs after we parsed them. I believe we went over them, and I
believe they're correct, with the exception of the jiffy time stamp. But
we never relied on the jiffy time stamps anyway: we always used the
accelerometer messages as a 2.5 KHz "heartbeat" to the system.

In any case, we can discuss this all in more detail on 12/5.



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