On 11/26/07, Pan, Jacob jun <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Do you know where does the 2.6 kernel stop booting? Do you keep a log
> from the serial console after uboot handed over to the kernel? I suspect
> there are some tuning needed for the kernel config file. The
> common_defconfig might be too generic.

I'd believe that. :-)

I wasn't really involved in the testing, but as I recall the only
serial output we got was from uboot. The 2.6 kernel never printed

The people who have been working on this are Darrick Wong, Josh
Triplett, and James Perkins. They should all be reading our software
team mailing list, so I'm CC'ing there. It's a low-traffic list; would
you consider subscribing?

James hooked a JTAG debugger up to it, by the way, but didn't have the
JTAG scan chain information for this board, so it wasn't very helpful.
If we can get specs on that we might be able to make more progress
that way.


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