It would be helpful to turn on the early debug message option. Perhaps
add the correct serial driver for the board.

I tried the link to the mailing list but some how failed to open it.
JTAG tool will be really helpful, did you use a BDI2000? Usually you can
get the correct scan chain from the tool vendor's firmware.

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>On 11/26/07, Pan, Jacob jun <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
>> Do you know where does the 2.6 kernel stop booting? Do you keep a log
>> from the serial console after uboot handed over to the kernel? I
>> there are some tuning needed for the kernel config file. The
>> common_defconfig might be too generic.
>I'd believe that. :-)
>I wasn't really involved in the testing, but as I recall the only
>serial output we got was from uboot. The 2.6 kernel never printed
>The people who have been working on this are Darrick Wong, Josh
>Triplett, and James Perkins. They should all be reading our software
>team mailing list, so I'm CC'ing there. It's a low-traffic list; would
>you consider subscribing?
>James hooked a JTAG debugger up to it, by the way, but didn't have the
>JTAG scan chain information for this board, so it wasn't very helpful.
>If we can get specs on that we might be able to make more progress
>that way.

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