On Sat, 8 Dec 2007, Andrew Greenberg wrote:
> No, and luckily we don't have to right now. What's important is that we
> tackle the really hard preliminary issues first, which is the design of
> the avionics system and the state space observer we'll be using. Once
> we've gotten that going, launched it a few times, verified it's doing
> what we think, *then* we can start to think about closing the loop and
> doing control. And my guess is we'll want to start playing with control
> right away when we're ready, so that might mean doing something really
> simple like small control surfaces for a while. Then we can start to
> switch from large passive fins to small control surfaces, and then start
> to think about staging, etc etc. It'll be fun as heck to solve this
> problem when we get to it!

Andrew's comment reflects the single most important thing I've ever learned in 
engineering.  We could have shaved literally years off the Unity IV rocket 
project if we had had somebody like Andrew to bang that notion into our heads. 
Well said, sir.


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