I think there are a couple of folks other than me that are on both
lists.  However; I have not seen anyone bring this up yet so I guess I

The PARTS (http://www.portlandrobotics.org/) folks are kibitzing around
doing a robo-Magellan http://www.robothon.org/robothon/robo-magellan.php
kit.  The design that folks are gravitating toward is to put together a
platform that has a 6DOF IMU + 3 Axis Magnitometer + the typical robot
related GPIO's and peripherals interfaced to a micro controller type of
processor which is then interfaced via USB (full speed bulk) to a user
provided USB host (laptop, Eee, OLPC, PC104, NSLU2...)

I'm thinking we could join forces.

What is the status of the LPC based IMU design and firmware?  Where is
it documented on the PSAS pages?



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