I'll be presenting about PSAS at Ignite Portland 2 on Tuesday, February 5th.
The venue is the Bagdad Theater on 3702 SE Hawthorne Blvd.  Admission is free
and there was lots of free food last year.  Doors open at 5:15pm.  Get there
early, since this event is very popular.  They almost had to turn people away
last year because they reached the  maximum number of people legally allowed by
fire code for the building.

Ignite Portland is a challenging way to present your passions to Portland.  You
have 5 minutes to talk.  Your presentation slides are limited to 20 slides,
and they must auto-advance every 15 seconds.  There were 54 proposals, and I was
one of the lucky 14 that were picked.  More information on Ignite Portland:

This is a very challenging presentation, and I'd appreciate any help with my

I have to send them in tomorrow, so comments after tomorrow evening will be
ignored. :)  This will be a somewhat non-technical audience, but lots of geeks
will be in attendance.  I took inspiration from the person who presented at
Ignite Seattle about their multi-person pogo stick:
It was a technical presentation, but it was fun and interesting.  I hope my talk
will be the same.

Sarah Sharp

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