Hey all,


PSAS gets the large display case in Smith Center for the week of April 14.
The case is roughly 80" wide by 50" high by 24" deep.  I'd like to see
several new artifacts, nosecone, airframe modules, fins, electronics, etc.
And, of course, the PSAS banner, system diagram and a t-shirt.


I'm planning to build a 1/6 scale rocket and launch tower.  On a totally
off-the-wall note, I even have some Barbie dolls to show scale; they're
about the same.  Without a scale reference it'll look like we fly hobby
rockets.  (If you think this is weird, well, all artists collect strange
junk; there's a drawer full of nude Barbie's in the advanced painting
studio.  Go figure).  Would someone like to sew a miniature PSAS t-shirt and
jeans?  No, really.  If this seems too kinky, we could use a Ken doll or GI
Joe, but I wanted to be inclusive.  We could also use the boring human
silhouette for scale.  'Nuff said.


I'd like to include an FC or node module that's actually built to fly, as
opposed development boards.  But the development boards will be fine.  


Does anyone have an electronic picture frame?  Y'know, the kind that can run
a slide show of jpeg images.  With a large battery, it might last all week.
Motion always draws attention.


Let's discuss it at the next meeting.  Thanks for any help.











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