Here's the great news and the bad news.

Our remaining funds come to $3038.45. Great!

We've got to spend it by May 30th. That's next Friday. (Insert  
screaming here.)

Here's what I propose:

1) If you have an idea of parts we will/might need or want, let me  
know as soon as possible. Call me if you need to.  (503.756.9095) I  
want to make sure we don't miss anything.

2) If you have a vendor in mind, go ahead and collect the information  
needed to submit an expenditure request. (See below for more info.)

3) At next week's meeting (5/28/08), we'll have a mad session to make  
sure that all our requests are good to go. I'll bring extra copies of  
the forms, and we'll get it all worked out that Wednesday. Since we've  
been starting at 7pm, I propose that we jump on this as soon as the  
meeting starts. With any luck, folks will have done their homework  
beforehand, and we'll get it done quickly.

4) I'll submit the forms to SALP, and we should be golden.

Quick reminder: here's the info we'll need for the expenditure request forms:

vendor name
contact name

part number
unit price

Any questions or concerns, or alternative suggestions, speak up!


Maria Webster

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