We spent all but 117.21 of our budget.

Huge thanks to the folks who participated last Wednesday night in what  
I'm now calling SpendFest 2008.

Everything that was ordered via SALP is detailed on the following page:

That page is a mess, and I'll clean it when I have time. If you don't  
see it on this page, it didn't get ordered.

Turns out we *did* need Tax ID #s for all our vendors, and I'm working  
on that as well. (If anyone has Tax ID numbers for any of those  
vendors, email them to me *immediately*.) These orders will not be  
faxed/ordered online until SALP has the Tax IDs. I got them to at  
least *take* the forms without the IDs, but promised to provide them  

Even after we get the IDs in, these orders may take awhile because  
it's the end of the year and I don't how swamped SALP is. More info as  
I have it.

Questions or comments, drop me a line.




> Folks,
> Here's the great news and the bad news.
> Our remaining funds come to $3038.45. Great!
> We've got to spend it by May 30th. That's next Friday. (Insert
> screaming here.)

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