PSAS avionics folks,

I met Galen at Josh's PLUG talk.  He's written code for the LPC2148
for a commercial project, and he's willing to talk about the on the
issues he had with the chip and documentation for the LPC2148.  Make
sure to ask him about problems with clearing interrupts.  Andrew, will
you be there tomorrow?


Yep, you're still on for our Wednesday night meeting.  PSAS is a very
informal group; we just sit around a table and hack on things.  There
is a projector and whiteboard if you want to discuss some code.
Directions to PSU's Fourth Avenue Building are at

and directions to room 155 (were we meet) are at

Our meetings "officially" start at 7pm, although most people are
usually late to the meeting.  I will attempt to be there this
Wednesday, but Jamey and I have some family issues going on right now
and we may not be able to show up.  Definitely talk to Andrew, Dave,
and Kay, who are all part of the PSAS avionics team.

Sarah Sharp

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>Am I still signed up for your Wednesday meeting?  If so, can you tell
>me a little about the format?  Do you just sit around a table and
>discuss status?  How many people?  Whiteboard?  Projector?  You're not
>going to get a formal presentation from me, but regardless, it's good
>to know the audience.
>Galen Seitz

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