We're trying to get as many new people as possible to the Intro  
meeting next Tuesday. With that goal in mind, we're asking all  
PSU-registered students to take a few minutes to talk to their classes  
about PSAS and this Tuesday's meeting. (Yes, this means you'll  
actually have to get to class a minute or two early to get your prof's  
permission, but it's for a worthy cause!) Please, please talk to your  
classes between now and Tuesday night. Time is of the essence!

To help folks out, here's a short script you might use to cover the  
main points:

"I'm ------- and I'm with the Portland State Aerospace Society. In  
short, we build amateur rockets using open technologies.

Here are some cool things about PSAS:

- We're a group of students and industry professionals who meet  
regularly to work on rockets
- We use open source software and commercial-off-the-shelf hardware
- We're building everything ourselves
- All experience levels are welcome - we've got projects for everyone
- PSU doesn't have an aerospace department, so if you're interested in  
Aerospace Engineering, we're the only game in town.
- In the past, some folks have done some capstone tie-ins to PSAS
- At the very least, you'll get substantial experience to pad your resume

We are launching later this year and we're looking for folks who want  
to jump in and get busy. PSAS meets weekly in the Fourth Avenue  
Building on Tuesday nights. This Tuesday, October 21st, at 6pm, we're  
having an intro meeting to chat with potential new members, followed  
by our regular meeting at 7pm. Come to FAB 150 and meet the PSAS  
folks. You'll be glad you came!

Questions? If not, see you Tuesday!"

Thanks for taking the time to talk to your classes. Let's get lots of  
folks involved, because it's going to be a great launch year!

-- Maria

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