Theo, et al.,

I've got a meeting tomorrow (Wednesday) followed by more meetings and
work. PSAS has a 4pm-ish slot (could be as early as 4:15p, could be as
late as 4:45p) in a SALP/SFC budget meeting in the Native American
Bldg tomorrow, and I'm hoping some other folks can go.

This will be just like last year - they'll ask us some simple
questions, and we defend our budget request. Theo, can you take this?
You're more familiar with this year's line items than I am. Can anyone
join him? This is specifically for students, not staff or faculty, but
if anyone taking a class or two can stop in, that would be great.

I meant to get this out in time for the meting, but I had some family
obligations and completely spaced it. My apologies.

Theo, if you can't do it, please call me tomorrow and let me know!  Thanks!

-- Maria


Maria Webster - 503.756.9095


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