Hi everyone,

The last of the ground tests for the parachute was successful. You can
see pictures and video, including a neat 1200fps slow motion video of
the parachute being pulled out at:


Next step is a full recovery system test with parachutes, separation
ring, and a custom pyrotechnic node which we'll flight test by tossing
it off some, uh, very high place :)

We'll discuss that test this Tuesday; Frank, we're interested in
videotaping what happens by strapping the DVR and camera to the body..
could you please bring both then so we can discuss it? Thanks.

Take care,


Andrew Greenberg

Portland State Aerospace Society (http://psas.pdx.edu/)
and...@psas.pdx.edu  P: 503.788.1343  C: 503.708.7711

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