Hi everyone,

We have two meetings going on this Tuesday night:

The first is the regular Tuesday evening meeting at 7:00pm in the CS lounge.

The second is a airframe meeting here at my workshop in SE Portland,
also at 7:00pm. We're putting together the nosecone, the nosecone
separation system, parachutes, an airframe module, and a temporary
flight computer. That will have get us "ready to go" for a drop test. If
you want to show up for the second meeting, please contact me for my
address and directions. Note that I can't fit more than about 10 people
here, so we may need to limit this to mostly airframe people.

We hope to run the drop test over the next few weeks - if that test is
successful, then we're essentially ready to go for launch (!).

Andrew Greenberg

Portland State Aerospace Society (http://psas.pdx.edu/)
and...@psas.pdx.edu  P: 503.788.1343  C: 503.708.7711

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