We've talked about this before, so I'll skip to the end. SALP requires
all PSU students who use personal transportation to attend a
SALP-funded event (say, the launch) to take their driver training

Long story short: all PSU students in PSAS need to take the driver
training course.

I've convinced them to come to us. Tomorrow at 6pm in the ECE
Conference Room, Suzanne Flores from SALP will be present to give the
driver training workshop. It should only take about 30-45 minutes, and
you'll have a short break before the regular meeting at 7pm.

ALL PSU students in PSAS should be there at 6pm. **Please bring your
driver's licenses!!**

To nip these questions in the bud:

No, it doesn't matter if you won't be driving the vehicle.
No, it doesn't matter if you won't be attending. (You may attend a
future launch, and would still have to attend the workshop.)

I apologize for the short notice (I just received event confirmation
today), but please, please try to make it. It's very important!

Thanks! See you tomorrow!

-- Maria


Maria Webster - 503.756.9095


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