Hi everyone,

A few details for coordinating the next week:

## Sunday

Dave mounts the newly ripped fins on the fin canister and drills out the
last two avionics modules. Andrew finishes up the avionics module.

## Monday

We'll put the rocket together and slide it on the rail to make sure it
actually fits :) Frank, if we're going to put decals on the rocket, this
will probably be the time to do it.

## Tuesday evening meeting

Our final pre-launch meeting, with fully assembled rocket!

**If you're going to the launch, please be at this meeting. If you can't
be there, contact me directly and let me know your plans**.

Our agenda for that evening:

- Peter should be there, so we'll also make sure we have all of the
motor parts, igniters, etc.
- We'll discuss travel and lodging plans
- We'll sign waivers and driving papers.

## Wednesday

Last minute details.

## Saturday

Pack and leave!

## Sunday



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