If anyone really wants to make/get a white shirt I STRONGLY suggest you also
make a $5.00 donation to PSAS, even if you print your own.  The club paid
out a lot of money for the beautiful royal blue ones for fund raising and I
want to treat the white ones the same way.  I'm going to bring a check for
mine.  So here's the deal:


I'm going to ask for $5.00 to cover my material and wastage costs for each
transfer (the materials ain't cheap).  Footlocker has some nice shirts for
$4.99, if you buy four at a time.  So, I can pre-iron some of these for
$10.00, including the shirt; but you've got to donate $5.00 to PSAS. That
adds up to $15.00 total.  The nice royal Blue shirts go for $20.00 and are
screen printed - much more durable than iron-on transfer, so I think $15.00
is reasonable for the iron-on ones.


I'm only offering this because of the short time till BRD.  If you're not
going, please buy a blue shirt; PSAS still has a bunch of them.  Maybe after
the blue ones are sold we can place a mixed order of screen printed shirts.


Jeremy, as new PSAS president-for-life, does this sound reasonable?



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