Regarding the upcoming launch, I wanted to ask about the Personnel logistics
side of things, and possible equipment considerations involving dust.

Most basic gear is available through the PSU equipment rental center
The rates are reasonable, and students and staff get discounts.

I have briefly reviewed gear lists compiled by Burning Man participants, in
addition to that presented on the BALLS website.  My assumption is that the
weather should be similar enough that those recommendations should be

Water: It looks like this location is sorely lacking in plumbing.  My
initial assumption is that each member is responsible for their own water
for the weekend.  If we are planning on a community water supply, that would
be important information.  A further question is weather we intend to haul
our most excellent and tasty Pacific Northwest water several hundred miles
in anticipation, or are we going to fill out our supplies nearer our
destination.  I'm planning on bringing at least 6 gallons for 2 days,
discounting hygiene, but I also consume a greater than average quantity of
water.  Water for showers and such would *greatly* increase this.

Hygiene / Waste:  Speaking of no plumbing, and a carried water supply...
How will waste be handled?  It appears the event organizers are providing
porta-potties.  For everything else, I expect we'd just pack it back out.
Showers would be fantastic, but they are not provided.  Facilities will
exist to "freshen up", however.

Food:  I'm assuming everyone will be responsible for their personal food.
It sounds like this is probably 3 dinners, 3 breakfasts, and 2 lunches,
assuming we eat dinner there on Friday, and breakfast there on Monday, but I
don't recall the exact schedule...  I have a cooler sufficient for my food
for that duration.  As for cooking, I have a single-burner propane stove
which I am willing to share out, and I will try to bring sufficient propane
for myself and at least one other...
Coolers and 2 burner propane camp stoves are available through the PSU
equipment rental center.
There are recommendations of bringing a separate cooler filled with ice.  I
will not be bringing extra ice myself, but would be willing to help purchase
additional ice, and help with the rental cost of such a cooler, if needed.

Dust and Environmental Factors:  So far as I understand, we have not
discussed dust, heat/cold issues, and light issues...  I intend to bring
eye-wear, a bandanna, and some limited dust protection for electronics.  I
expect we will not be out there long enough to have equipment issues due to
dust, but it may bear consideration.
It appears that today the temperatures were a high of around 90, and a low
of around 40.  The current forecast shows a cooling trend, which may give us
a pleasantly cool time in the desert (high in the 60s) if it continues.
Regardless, it looks like we should stay reasonably above freezing at a
worst case scenario at this time of year.
This will reduce water need, if it holds, but not negate UV exposure.  Hats,
sunscreen, and the like are good things to bring...  Do we have a shade
tent, awning or something similar?  I have some limited backpacking gear,
and the Equipment Rental Center might have some options as well.
I plan on bringing a flashlight, and a propane lantern (sharing fuel with my
stove) for late night lighting.  This should be of limited importance,
noting that the full moon occurs on Oct 3, and the moon rise and set is
about 5pm to 5am, with a zenith (or whatever the technical term is) at about
midnight.  While this will provide convenient lighting, it does kill my
hopes of late-night stargazing.

Electricity:  Will we have some?  Especially for personal laptops and the
like?  :)

Lastly, Medical / First Aid:  Do we have a plan, or gear along these lines?
I have a small set of personal equipment, but no supplies for a group.
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