Hi Jeremy!

> Most basic gear is available through the PSU equipment rental center
>  http://www.pdx.edu/recreation/equipment-rental-center#camping
> The rates are reasonable, and students and staff get discounts. 

Oh, hey, that's cool. I didn't know we could do that.

> Water: It looks like this location is sorely lacking in plumbing.  My
> initial assumption is that each member is responsible for their own
> water for the weekend....

Yep! And while you can purchase water in Gerlach, I'd just haul it down
with you. At least a gallon/day per person is not unreasonable.

> Hygiene / Waste:  Speaking of no plumbing, and a carried water
> supply...  How will waste be handled? 

There will be portapotties. They're not exactly first rate, and they're
out in the desert, and... it's better than nothing, of course. :) No
showers or anything else like that.

Note that some of us are considering renting an RV/toy hauler that we
could use as a group; we'll see if that works out. That would have a
bathroom and shower, although it'd be heavily loaded if our whole group
used it.

> Food:  I'm assuming everyone will be responsible for their personal
> food...

Yep, everyone bring their own food. However, we do end up sharing, and
sometimes we'll share stoves, etc etc. I find that I'm so busy doing
stuff that I hardly have time to cook, so I bring a lot of
snack/pre-prepared foods.

> Dust and Environmental Factors:  So far as I understand, we have not
> discussed dust, heat/cold issues, and light issues...  I intend to bring
> eye-wear, a bandanna, and some limited dust protection for electronics....

An *excellent* idea. If there's a dust storm, you'll be very happy about
the eye-wear and bandana. For electronics, I strongly suggest zip lock
bags. Although we've never really had a lot of problems with dust in the
past in terms of laptops, we've always been afraid of that.

> It appears that today the temperatures were a high of around 90, and a
> low of around 40...

You got it: be prepared for both very hot *and* very cold. Although
according to current weather reports, I'm pretty concerned about rain
that weekend :(

> Hats, sunscreen, and the like are good things to bring...  Do we have a
> shade tent, awning or something similar?  I have some limited
> backpacking gear, and the Equipment Rental Center might have some
> options as well.

We have two pop up tents. If anyone has pop up tents, they should bring
them. We have larger tents, so perhaps we'll bring those, too, although
they're a pain to set up.

> ... it does kill my hopes of late-night stargazing.

AAARRRGGGGHHHHHH!!!!! Once again, a full moon at BALLS? That's just not

> Electricity:  Will we have some?  Especially for personal laptops and
> the like?  :) 

We're arranging to have a generator there, although we'll be turning it
off at night.

> Lastly, Medical / First Aid:  Do we have a plan, or gear along these
> lines?  I have a small set of personal equipment, but no supplies for a
> group. 

No group supplies, although this would be a good idea to have on hand no
matter what... it sounds more and more like we should get a enclosed
trailer for our team. It'd just be so convenient.

Nice list, Jeremy!


Andrew Greenberg

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