Great News, Everyone!

I spoke with Don today, and it sounds like they are pretty excited to have
us put the airframe up for display.

He was happier with the idea of hanging it than setting it on a standing
display, for all of the same reasons that we originally looked at that
option (looks great, is a standard, loss prevention, doesn't require floor

We'd all love to see this up ASAP, but Don was pretty understanding that we
might not be able to allocate much in the way of resources to this until
after the upcoming launch.

It looks like the key requirements that we will need to meet are:


--Doesn't fall / sufficient strength of mounts and cables

--Placed to avoid vandalism

--Doesn't interfere with lighting

-Due diligence

--Need a thorough plan / drawings

--If we make a model (solidworks or other) we should present it

-Process of Installation

--Document the procedure of mounting the airframe to hanging apparatus

--Show our method of lifting and attaching airframe / hanging apparatus to
place, and attachment to cables etc.

--Show our method of retrieving the airframe, if we intend to do that on any
but an emergency basis. (but let's show it anyway)

-Explanatory Display Placard

--Plaque or small poster explaining the mission and constituency of the
group, and the affiliation with PSU

--Clear, succinct and professional document

--PSU Logo should be included

--School is happy to help with this item (which sounds a lot like "want's to
make sure it looks decent") and will likely cover printing


We also get to put up an Explanatory Display Placard!

Won't need to move regularly!  Don expects we'd only need to move it in
extreme circumstance, and not at all for regular events.  The need to
relocate was only due to floorspace constraints.

Damage to the airframe due to theft or vandalism may be covered by the
school's insurance (but probably only if it's "PSU Property") if so, note
that there is a $2500 deductible, and we'd be on the hook for that in the
extremely unlikely event we'd want to file a claim.
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