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> We are doing the big launch on Sunday, correct?

> And do we have a launch time estimate? The waiver is 8:00am –
> 3:00pm, but do we have a better ...
The usual mode for us is to drive down Saturday morning and spend all
day setting up. Lots of OROC folks will be launching rockets, so it's
fun to watch as we set up. Some of us will be getting our L2 certs as
well that day.

We always aim to launch on Sunday between noon and 1pm. That gives
people from PDX a chance to drive down and make it a single day
experience. We usually end up launching right around then, or an hour or
two later, but people would have to arrive by noon to really make sure
they see our launch.

Also, as for the schedule, always see:

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Andrew Greenberg

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