Hi everyone,

If you're an undergraduate student looking for a scholarship, let me
encourage you to go for a space grant. We've had two, possibly three,
space grant scholarship winners in PSAS so far... Feel free to chat with
me if you have any questions, or want someone to look over your application.


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Subject:        [Ece-faculty] OSGC Announcement - 2010-11 Scholarship Programs
Open For Applications
Date:   Mon, 24 May 2010 18:30:29 -0700
From:   Gerald Recktenwald <ge...@me.pdx.edu>
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Please send this announcement to all undergraduate and graduate

The Oregon Space Grant Scholarship Program has a number of awards
available to our undergraduate and some graduate students.

The awards are in the following categories

   * "STEM" to the Future - Incoming Freshmen Scholarships
   *  OSGC Undergraduate Scholarships
   *  OSGC Undergraduate Research Scholarships
   *  OSGC Pre-Service Teacher Graduate and Undergraduate Scholarships
   *  OSGC Senior Undergraduate Achievement Awards

Note that Deadline for all completed applications is 30 June 2010.

Our undergraduate students should consider the OSGC Undergraduate
which are $3000 per student.  Eligible students are Freshman,
Sophomores or
Juniors as of April 30, 2010.

Undergraduates should also consider the Undergraduate Research
for $5000.

Seniors with a track record in NASA-related activities should consider
applying to the $1000 Senior Undergraduate Achievement Awards.

Students interested in these programs should visit


and download the 2010-2011 OSGC Scholarship program guide



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