On Jun 6, 2010, at 10:23 PM, Glenn LeBrasseur wrote:

> Excellent!
> It's kind of funny to hear someone on the com channel give warning about the 
> grass fires near the hanger at about T+00:06:42. A little PSASesque?
> Glenn

Even more PSASque: a big chunk of the initial delay was due to FTS comms 
interference because they hadn't accounted for the umbilical tower's tilted 
launch position.  After an hour of diagnosis, they fixed the problem by moving 
the FTS ground station to get a better line of sight.

After one failed ignition and more delay chasing fishing boats out of the 
exclusion zone (which they do by dropping bags of flour out of helicopters onto 
the boats to get their attention), the other PSASque feature is finally 
launching right at the tail end of the four hour launch window.


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