I'm trying to locate a 1/8th inch diameter, 36 inch long rod used to measure the mass moment of inertia of the rocket (or any other object that is attached). I need this rod to measure the rocket Ixx inertia, and I have torn my house apart trying to locate it. It was last seen over a year ago at the last launch, and I'm hoping that it ended up at someone else's house (Tim, Andrew, or Dave, likely; perhaps PSU).

The rod is about 36" long, made of hardened steel (spring steel), with a 1/2" bolt attached to one end. There may also be a nylon block attached to the bolt on the end.

This particular rod is needed because it has been characterized for its spring constant, and it is time consuming to buy a new rod and re-characterize the properties. Further, the rod is needed for the fully assembled rocket test on Monday night, so I won't have an opportunity to make one on Monday.

If you have any gear that went to Brothers last year, please take a look and see it that rod was mistakenly placed in with your gear.

In case the rod is not found, does anyone have a dial type inch-pound torque wrench (calibrated)?

Thanks for looking....

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