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Subject: [PSAS] The Nano-Satellite Launch Challenge, SORAC/ASP attempt...

Hello Andrew and PSAS Crew,

I've spent the better part of the weekend on the phone with Bill Colburn (SORAC 
Fearless Leader) and the rest of the SORAC Crew, discussing our continued 
interest in pursuing the new Nano-Sat Challenge that NASA announced last week. 
We are moving forward with plans to make a go of it!

In years past we've been using Nitrous-Oxide as our oxidizer for Sub-Orbital 
flights on our 8" vehicle, however for this project we are planning to use 
Hydrogen-Peroxide as the oxidizer and re-vamp our two stage system into a three 
stage system.  Originally our first stage booster was 12' in diameter, but to 
facilitate the need for more fuel capacity we are bumping it up to 18" for the 
first stage Coaxial Booster, 8" for the second stage and a 6" insertion 

We have been looking at http://www.cubesatkit.com/  for payload ideas for the 
cubesat, as it happens one of our crew members is friends with this company CEO 
and they have agreed to furnish us with whatever equipment we desire at a 
discounted rate.  We also wanted to make space for any additional payload that 
PSAS might want to include if there was interest in a joint venture on your 
part with SORAC on this project.  

Based on the challenges dictated accomplishment goals, we are looking to beef 
up our potential pool of IEEE specialists and hope that we could persuade PSAS 
in whole or part to help out with new and innovative electronics on the 
Nano-Sat scale.  Also we could use you're help with ACS/RCS development.  Bill 
said that SORAC would be willing to split a percentage of our funding or prize 
money with PSAS in cooperative venture, so that you as an educational group get 
both additional funding and some better public relations exposure.  I don;t 
know the legal end of this at all, so we will need to sit down and discuss it 
so we don't break any rules.  

I wanted to get this out to you asap, so we could at the very least start to 
discuss it, when time permits.  
I know that prep for Balls or LRDS (whichever you will attending) takes a front 
seat to anything that SORAC might be doing at the moment.  However,
we are pooling together all available resources as we speak for this, so that 
we can really start the design work.  

I do not yet know when we are looking to make the launch attempt for this.  We 
have the 12" booster ready for a test flight and are thinking we may test it at 
Balls along with the 8" second stage that we are already planning to fly.  

We are always open to suggestions and are looking forward to potentially 
working with PSAS with anything you may have interest in.  

I'll see you at the meeting tomorrow evening!  



-Earl "Chip" Dryden


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