On Tue, Aug 31, 2010 at 12:33:16PM -0700, Andrew Greenberg wrote:
> PSAS now has an official PSU Foundation account. This means that all
> donations are now tax exempt as a 501C3 when written out to our
> foundation account. I'll have SOP details at this evening's meeting.

Awesome; we should post the necessary information on our website for
donation procedures and whatever magic ID numbers people might need if
they want to arrange donations by other people/companies.

> Also, I met with David Reese, the PSU general counsel, yesterday to
> discuss ITAR. It was a good first meeting, and we, as always, "just
> don't fit" into the standard operational definitions. So, we'll start a
> process tonight of figuring out where exactly our technologies fit into
> ITAR (as well as "EAR", the Export Administration Regulations), and
> we'll go from there.

What prompted the meeting with the PSU general counsel (as opposed to
the other avenue we have open for solving that problem)?  And by
"standard operational definitions" do you mean ITAR's or PSU's?  For the
former I think we'd like to continue getting a second opinion before we
start making changes.  For the latter I think we only care insofar as we
need to care in order to qualify under whatever academic exemptions

- Josh Triplett

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