Hi Josh!

> What prompted the meeting with the PSU general counsel (as opposed to
> the other avenue we have open for solving that problem)?

I'll discuss that tonight; basically, it was the culmination of the last
month or so of discussions with PSU staff about ITAR. When the rubber
hits the road, we're bound to PSU and it's the sponsored research and
general counsel's domain.

We can, and will, continue to do research on our own, but it's very
important to make sure we're covered by our own institution, too.

> And by "standard operational definitions" do you mean ITAR's or 
> PSU's?

Both: We are neither a sponsored project (e.g., work for a grant) nor
are we a commercial entity. Both are known quantities for both ITAR nad
PSU. We, however, are an "unsponsored education project" which is just
weird. Yay, us!

That all said, everyone on the PSU side is willing to work with us to
figure out what we have to do.

Again, we'll chat about this tonight.


Andrew Greenberg

Portland State Aerospace Society (http://psas.pdx.edu/)
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