Hi all,

I have been talking to a friend who writes for Portland Monthly and she was
really curious about our group and wants to know we think about her writing
about us. I pointed out that our roll control didn't really work, in my
trademark phrase, "it didn't work, but for a really interesting reason" and
she thinks that the fact that things don't work right away is more
interesting than the sanitized "we built something, it worked" story.  So
would anyone mind if she tried to write a piece about us?  I mean,
no guarantee whatsoever that anything will happen or that it will get
published, but I thought I would check with everyone first.  Personally I
think it's a great idea. Any PR is good PR and we do have an interesting
story to tell about the trials and roadblocks in rocket engineering.

Second, I forgot to tell everyone that I'm going to be in New York for the
next week and a half so I won't be at the next couple of meetings. They do
have internet in NY so keep me posted on the lists! Any suggestions of
things to see/do while I'm there?

Third, I've been playing around with my scale line drawings of our rockets
and I've added a comparison to our favorite small orbital launch vehicle --
Japan's Lambda 4S:


I'll add other interesting vehicles as I can (takes a bit of research to get
the drawings right!). Enjoy!

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