I set up a PSAS store with Zazzle, so we could sell T-shirts and other
similar items.  Right now, we have a T-shirt and a bumper/laptop sticker
available.  If you'd like a T-shirt in white (nice for hot weather, such
as at launch sites), now you can get one.  Currently working with Frank
Mathew to get some additional items added, such as hats and polos.

Zazzle has a 50% discount on T-shirts right now, until 4PM today
(2010-09-10), so if you want a T-shirt, you might want to go ahead and
buy one now.  Use the discount code "FFHS50OFFPWT".

Zazzle gives us a commission on every item sold via the PSAS Zazzle
store.  They also have an affiliate program, which pays us for both our
own items and anything else you buy on Zazzle.

You can find the PSAS Zazzle store at http://www.zazzle.com/psasrockets*
.  The trailing * is important; it makes that an affiliate link.

- Josh Triplett

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