For Android, the best program I have found is called *GPS Essentials* and
can be found in the market. (its a blue background icon with a black
satellite in the middle.)  There is also a program called Geocaching Tools
that will convert Lat. Long. DMS <-> UTM which could be useful.

For Blackberry, there is a program called Blackstar Navigation ( and is available in the BB app store.

If someone with an iPhone has a suggestion that would be great, or any other
"smart" device with a GPS.

If you plan on bringing a handheld GPS, the Telemtrum outputs the
coordinates in a degrees with decimal minutes format (N dd° mm.mmm') if you
want to pre-configure the device to take the proper formatted way points.

I would like to try something new this launch for recovery.  As many people
as possible/want to, provide me with their cell phone numbers so I can send
everyone a text with all of the formats of the LZ so any device or program
can get you there.  This should also help keep the parade on the same
fairgrounds so to speak.

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