So, I have to say, this launch was the smoothest we've had so far, cheers to
everyone making things go so well! nice work!

A few things that we should repeat next time as they worked out very well:
-Checklists, awesome!
-The battery power screwdriver for the tower assembly worked out great,
thanks Kenny!
-Medium sized tubs, stack-able, easy to lift and move, ability to load and
unload quickly, well worth it....

On the same note, there were lots of ideas regarding how they could be
further improved. A couple things that I noted are below:

-if we continue to use wifi, smaller antennas. Something like a directional
can antenna would be much easier to move, attach and manage, it would fit in
a plastic tub, and reduce packing time. It would also eliminate the need for
the heavy tripod stands/poles and the heavy duty arm on the tower.
-More detailed SOP's on the rocket assembly process based
-Using something like google latitude (to locate GPS chords of people in
real time) and google maps (to pinpoint where rocket lands and allow launch
control to chlorinate the recovery team and locate the nearest road on a map
-The rope we have on the tower really likes to twist, it's kind of a pain as
it's going thru the pullys...
-some kind of positive, metal locking mechanism to retain the rail back.
-During loading of the rocket on the rail, the rail tends to stretch the
rope, and lower the end of the rail,making the rocket lugs out of line with
the rail and causing the lugs to bind up. It was kind of a pain trying to
get it loaded and keep everything aligned. There was some random discussion
about using 1/8 steel cable, which should stretch much less... Just a
-A wiring diagram on the LTC would be helpful for those people putting it
-The CAN/Relay board on the LTC has issues...
-Some tubs need better labeling

Thanks to everyone! Great launch!

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