Looks good!

I can't check the iterative output 'cuz the stage speed ("Stage Seed")
is missing from the table. (Or i don't understand it, or my browser
isn't rendering it, etc.) But if the stage speed was known you could
just use the first equation as a simple check.

We should (do?) have a symbols page to define the meaning of these
symbols, and/or define them as they are used.

> http://psas.pdx.edu/staging/

(2011.01.29) ben...@gmail.com:
> I was curious to see what it would take to get a 1 kg payload into orbit, so
> I did some math and wrote some code! Forgive me if this duplicates work
> elsewhere on the wiki, but in lieu of a page on "Staging", I created my own
> and populated it to some degree.
> Please, kick tires and poke holes! I wrote a small bit of code with the
> intention to calculate and iterate fuel needs. I have no idea if it works,
> but simple delta-vee calculations on its outputs are encouraging.

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