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> From what I gathered in the list this is a competition to get people working
> on reasonable goals. I think they're tired of seeing pie-in-the-sky plans
> that don't get off the ground. Baby steps. Just get to 100,000 feet without
> blowing anything up and record GPS (proof of not being an idiot about flight
> electronics) and recover safely then share what you did with the world.
> Sounds pretty great actually.

There have been a few amateur groups who have beat 100k'. Might be fun
to see how small a rocket we could get to go that high. I'm currently
building an airframe that flies on a single L and sims to 10km. I don't
know if anyone has gotten to 100k' (a bit more than 30km) with less than
an N total impulse.

I might be able to convince the Skytraq guys to provide a tweaked
firmware image for their GPS chips for a university project like
this. All of the GPS systems I know of that will report reasonable data
during ascent are much larger and heavier than TeleMetrum.


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