I'm plugging us wherever I can.

I was listening in to a pannel with Blue Origin, XCOR, and Masten and they
said that the only limit to payloads right now is launch capability; there
are student projects gathering dust waiting for launch. Though perhaps I
should be careful to say that they mean _cheap_ launches. I've also heard in
the hallways that masten, AA, and BO are likely going to eat all that up if
they all deliver their vehicles on time. Still, I would say at least half
the people here are researchers who are desperate for a cheap reusable
launch vehicle.

Ill be here the rest of the day talking to people.

On Mar 1, 2011 1:57 PM, "Ian Osgood" <i...@quirkster.com> wrote:

Sounds like waiting a week for the quaternion talk might be a good idea.

Desperate for small launch vehicles? I was under the impression that there
was a glut of small launch capability!  For example, Orbital is considering
retiring Pegasus.  I figured Bristol Aerospace (the Black Brant folks) had
enough capacity to singlehandedly meet the world's suborbital launch needs.

What is the minimum capability (microgravity dwell time, etc) that these
suborbital folks are desiring? Would our rocket meet any of their needs? I
hope you are passing out plenty of PSAS cards!


On Mar 1, 2011, at 10:28 AM, Nathan Bergey wrote:

> I guess you can't wait a week for me to get back? Would be very interested
in the quaternions info...

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